Submit a Whomanikon programme proposal!

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Submission form for the 2nd edition of Whomanikon is open! You will find it HERE.

Whomanikon, a Polish Doctor Who fan convention, will take place on 1–2 April 2017. We would like to invite you to submit programme proposals as this year we are going international and we include attractions also in English.

What the Whomanikon programme will include?

We are looking for talks, contests and discussion panels, RPG and LARP sessions, and also workshops for the youngest fans. To take part in discussion panel, you don’t need to be a celebrity involved in the production process or a famous writer – you just need to have opinions and be willing to share them with others. 😉


I would love to but I don’t know what to submit…

Think about what you know or in what areas you are experienced most and apply it to Doctor Who – the best talks derive from the speaker’s passion not necessarily connected with the main topic. You can submit proposal of talk not only about Doctor Who itself, but also one that treats it as a starting point to show something interesting.

Still not sure? Maybe we can inspire you:

  • Doctor Who for newbies: how to start? how to persuade people to watch the show, read the books, or listen to the audio stories? how not to get lost in the Expanded Universe? why are we so passionate about this show? what is the best in being a Doctor Who fan?
  • not only New Who: how to start getting to know the Expanded Universe? why everybody loves Eighth Doctor? which spin-offs are worth our time?
  • characters: the Doctor, his companions, villains, monsters – where did they come from, why do we like them – or not?, their relationships
  • Whoniverse: unique or strongly connected to the SF genre? future and past, fantasy and science, Earth and other planets, technology, time travel…
  • plot: recurring themes, references, metatextuality, changes of stylistics, controversies, unused ideas, paradoxes
  • inspirations: the sources of the Whoniverse, Doctor Who’s place in speculative fiction, popular culture, culture, is Doctor Who the most British TV series ever?
  • social issues: woman playing the Doctor, women working on the show, representation of minorities, does Doctor Who have a social mission?
  • backstage: writers and directors, the role of showrunner, actors, technical aspects of the production, history of the show, music, locations
  • fandom and fan labor: fan theories, fan art, fanfiction and others, how fans are developing the Whoniverse and how they influence it, local Doctor Who fandoms in different countries
  • Doctor Who and our world: how Doctor Who inspires popular culture, culture and world, how did it inspire you?
  • Doctor Who in academia: physics, history, psychology, film studies, fan studies… You don’t need to have a Doctoral degree, some research and lots of enthusiasm will be enough!
  • one step further: people somehow connected to Doctor Who in other works, artists who are inspired by Doctor Who, stories about time travel, similar themes, everything that makes us think about Doctor Who!
  • let’s talk: discussion panels about controversial or interesting topics – what do we like, what do we despise, what do we enjoy and love, where are we going?
  • contests: not necessarily asking about all Tom Baker’s scarves (but that too!). Quotes? Role playing? Charades? Let’s play!
  • integration: how to get to know each other and spend time in a nice Whovian way?
  • anything you can think of!

We would like the talks to extend our knowledge about Whoniverse or make us look at it from a different point of view. Are you afraid of speaking in public? Consider the fact that fans are a very appreciating audience so if you want to try, it would be a good place to do it!

We would also like our speakers to engage the audience during their talks. Whomanikon is meant to be a space for integration and active participation.

You will find the submission form HERE. It will close on 14th February 2017.

If you have any question, write to: lierre[at]